Rogatica and Foca War Crimes Trial Postponed, Pending Clarification of Protection Measures for Witness

2. February 2016.00:00
The trial of four former members of the Bosnian Army charged with war crimes in the Rogatica and Foca area has been postponed, as issues related to protection measures for a witness in the case still haven’t been resolved.

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Trial chamber chair Davorin Jukic said a legal advisor had been appointed to assist the witness, known as ST-2. He said ST-2 was in a very unusual legal situation with regards to his protection measures.

Jukic said an article in a decision issued by a judge in the case’s preliminary hearing said ST-2’s personal data will remain protected until the main trial. At that point, the trial chamber will decide on the protection measures to be applied during the trial, as per the Law on the Protection of Witnesses under Threat.

Jukic said it wasn’t clear to ST-2 which measures had been granted to him and the nature of his legal situation.

The chamber asked the prosecution to specify which additional protection measures it had requested, and to contact ST-2 and his legal advisor.

The witness was expected to testify at the trial of Muhamed Sisic, Tarik Sisic, Emir Drakovac and Aziz Susa, who’ve been charged with participating in an attack on a civilian convoy in Kukavice on August 27, 1992. At least 20 Serb civilians were killed and several more were wounded in the attack.

According to the charges, at the time Muhamed Sisic was the commander of the Commando Squad of the Kukavicka Company of the Bosnian Army, while the other defendants were members of that unit.

Drakovac has also been charged with shooting at a civilian in the Rogatica area in November 1992 and torturing an unidentified captured member of the Bosnian Serb Army in the Foca area in late 1992.

The trial will continue on February 9.

Džana Brkanić

This post is also available in: Bosnian (Bosnian)