Džana Brkanić


10. April 2020.
A hospital concealed underground to avoid artillery fire in the Bosnian town of Olovo managed to save hundreds of lives during the war – and medics who worked there hope it can be preserved as a permanent monument. The video footage shows white-coated medics moving through the gloom of what looks like a subterranean bunker, […]


24. February 2020.
The Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals in The Hague turned down Serbia’s request for two ultranationalist Serbian Radical Party politicians charged with contempt of the UN court to be tried in Belgrade. The appeals chamber of the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals on Monday dismissed an appeal filed by Serbia against its decision not to […]


15. January 2020.
The State Prosecution has demanded a two-month extension of custody for Jasmin Keserovic, one of the seven persons suspected of fighting on Syrian battlefront who were flown back to Bosnia and Herzegovina on December 19, due to a risk that he might flee and influence witnesses, possibly repeat the crime and because the crime in question is punishable with ten years in prison or longer.