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Cvetkovic Will Testify in his Defence

9. September 2014.00:00
The Defence of Aleksandar Cvetkovic, who is charged with genocide in Srebrenica, plans to examine 18 witnesses and one court expert and present about 40 pieces of material evidence.

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Presenting the Defence’s evidence presentation plan at a status conference, Defence attorney Petko Pavlovic said that the indictee would testify in his defence and that Vlastimir Golijan and Zoran Goranja, who were sentenced for crimes in Branjevo, Zvornik municipality, were among the witnesses too.
“Thirteen witnesses are former members of the Tenth Reconnaissance Squad of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, who will present their findings about Srebrenica and participation of this Squad and the indictee himself in the events,” Pavlovic said.

He said that two of the witnesses would testify about indictee Cvetkovic’s personality and that demographic expert witness Svetlana Radovanovic would deny the findings of Prosecution expert witness Rifat Kesetovic regarding the identification of bodies from the Srebrenica area.

“We foresee that we shall need a total of 12 working days to present evidence,” Pavlovic said.
The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, charges Aleksandar Cvetkovic, former member of the Tenth Reconnaissance Squad of VRS, with murders of more than 900 Bosniaks on Branjevo military farm in July 1995.

The trial is due to continue on September 23.

Džana Brkanić

This post is also available in: Bosnian