Local Justice – Brcko: Expert Examination of Witnesses

10. October 2012.00:00
At the trial of Monika Karan-Ilic, who is charged with crimes in Brcko, continues, court expert Petko Grubac says that witnesses Halid Konjic and Izeta Elezovic, who were proposed by the Brcko District Prosecution, are not capable of testifying due to health problems.

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On the basis of the court expert’s findings Prosecutor Amela Mustafic proposed that the statements given by these witnesses during the investigation be read in the courtroom.

Defence attorney Dragan Oparnica disagreed with the proposal, because he considered that there were no health-related obstacles to having these witnesses appear in court and testify.

The Defence proposed to recruit its own expert. The Trial Chamber chaired by Muhamed Avdic accepted the proposal and ordered the Defence to have the findings ready by the next hearing.

By next week the Defence is due to submit material evidence and the names of eight witnesses whom it wants to examine with the aim of proving the indictee’s innocence.

Monika Karan-Ilic is charged in eight counts with having participated in the torture and inhumane treatment of detained civilians in Luka detention camp and Public Safety Station in Brcko in 1992.

The trial is due to continue on October 15.

This post is also available in: Bosnian (Bosnian)