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No Records on Macic’s Bad Deeds in “Musala”

2. October 2014.00:00
Defence witness Edhem Zilic told the trial for crimes in Konjic that defendant Ibro Macic did nothing wrong in "Musala".

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Edhem Zilic said that he took over position of “Musala” prison’s manager in May 1993, where the whole squad of Bosnian Army’s Fourth corps of military police was transferred, and he was the commander.

“The squad was divided in two groups. Each group had a leader, or guard commander. Every morning I was informed by the duty officer about the previous day in prison,” said Zilic, who testified in the presence of the legal adviser because he has the status of a suspect.

The witness added that everything that happened was supposed to be written down in the log sheet, and it was not recorded that Ibro Macic did something wrong.

Macic is charged with participating in the torture and sexual abuse of prisoners held at the primary school from April till October 1993.

When answering to the Fadil Abaz’s lawyer questions, witness said that no one could enter “Musala” without approval but that happened once while he was at Bjelasnica during the offensive.

“Guard commander Krzo Rasim told me that Midko Pirkic entered there and hurt Zoran Muftic,” Zilic recalled, and added how he informed his superior about that.

The witness said that he sent part of his platoon to secure factory “Igman”, where some prisoners were located in July 1993. He found out that the guards, among whom was Ibro Macic, got drunk so some prisoners escaped. He, by his words, dismissed Macic of his duty.

“Since that day Ibro Macic was no longer coming to Musala,” said Zilic, adding that Macic was transferred to troop battalion, where his superior was Adnan Alikadic.

The trial continues on October 17, when new Defence witness will be examined.

Džana Brkanić

This post is also available in: Bosnian