City: Konjic


26. February 2020.
Former Territorial Defence force fighter Agan Ramic went on trial for hitting a minor in the village of Brdjani in the Konjic area in the summer of 1992. The trial of Agan Ramic, who is accused a mistreating a minor while serving with the municipal headquarters of the Bosnian Army’s Territorial Defence force in Konjic […]


8. May 2019.
Fourteen ex-fighters went on trial for crimes against humanity, accused of the murders, imprisonment, rape, torture and mistreatment of Serbs in the Konjic area in 1992 and 1993. Prosecutor Marijana Cobovic told the Bosnian state court at the start of the trial on Wednesday that the 14 defendants were responsible for the murders, detentions, rape, torture and mistreatment of the Serb population in Konjic, as well as burning their property and the local Orthodox church.