Another Attempt at Expert Evaluation of Witness in Rogatica Crimes Trial

16. March 2016.00:00
The district court of Eastern Sarajevo ordered a new expert evaluation of the injured party at the trial of three defendants charged with crimes Rogatica. According to the charges, the injured party was wounded and his father was killed by the defendants.

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After injured party Meho Dzananovic refused to undergo an expert evaluation proposed by the defense teams of the three defendants, the trial chamber said it would appoint a new court expert closer to him in terms of location. However, the defense argued that the proposed expert witness, Zorica Lazarevic, would conform to the conditions and location of the injured party.

The expert evaluation is intended to assess Dzananovic’s ability to pay attention and focus, his mental activity, as well his ability to testify. If Dzananovic still refuses to undergo an expert evaluation, the defense said it would give up on its proposal for an expert evaluation.

The prosecution said it didn’t have a problem with the defense’s proposal, but considered the expert evaluation unnecessary.

The trial chamber asked court expert Zorica Lazarevic to contact Meho Dzananovic to try to agree on the timing and conditions of his expert evaluation.

Dragisa Cacic, Milenko Cacic and Vojo Motika have been charged with injuring Medo Dzananovic and killing his father, Midhat, in August 1992.

In March 24, 2014 the defendants were acquitted of the charges, which accused them of committing their crimes in the vicinity of the village of Starcevici in collaboration with another unidentified individual. The verdict was revoked by the Supreme Court of Republika Srpska, which returned the case to the district court of Eastern Sarajevo for a retrial.

Srđan Kureljušić

This post is also available in: Bosnian