Digital rights


4. October 2023.
The non-consensual sharing of private content is not punishable by law in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A discussion at the Internet Governance Forum in Sarajevo on preventing gender-based violence, violence against children, and the online dissemination of private content emphasized that the absence of appropriate legal measures and protective systems leaves victims of online violence feeling betrayed.


2. October 2023.
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) remains one of the least equipped countries in the Western Balkans to fight cyberattacks. This was just one of the findings to emerge from the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), which was held in Sarajevo recently after a five-year hiatus. During the event, numerous conclusions were reached regarding internet management and human rights, cyber security, and ways to combat genocide denial, the glorification of war crimes, and hatred on the internet. These conclusions will be presented at a global forum in Japan.