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Verdict in Djerahovic and Saric Trial Scheduled for Next Week

24. November 2015.00:00
The cantonal court of Zenica has scheduled the announcement of the verdict in the Sedjad Djerahovic and Jasmin Saric trial for Monday, November 30.

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Jasmin Saric and Sedjad Djerahovic, former members of the Bosnian Army, have been charged with participating in the physical abuse of Andjelko Bozic and his sons, Nedeljko and Veseljko, in the village of Bukovica in the municipality of Zenica on June 16, 1992. Andjelko Bozic died as a result of his injuries. His sons were severely injured.

In his closing statement, prosecutor Branislav Tomas called upon the trial chamber to find the defendants guilty. He said the testimony of the injured parties had been clear and explained how the defendants had committed their crimes.

Djerahovic’s defense attorney, Bakir Ljubovic, said the witnesses for the prosecution had changed their testimony and couldn’t be trusted.

“Did Djerahovic issue orders? Was he part of the group of men who took the injured parties away? Were they beaten up in front of the house? These are questions to which Nedeljko and Veseljko Bozic gave different answers,” Ljubovic said.

Saric’s defense said the cantonal prosecution had not proven the guilt of the defendants and concluded that “a verdict of release would be the only fair one.”

Djerahovic and Saric also addressed the trial chamber, stating that they were not guilty of the crimes committed in Bukovica.

Dženana Sivac

This post is also available in: Bosnian