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Defense Denies All Charges Thrown at Sekaric

2. February 2015.00:00
Defense attorney Borislav Jamina requested that the court release his client, Dragan Sekaric, on the grounds that the prosecution has not proven any of the charges made against him.

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Sekaric is accused with crimes against humanity he allegedly committed as a member of a Serb paramilitary formation (his attorney maintains he was a member of the Army of Republika Srpska). He is charged with the assault, rape, and murder of civilians in villages in Gorazde and Visegrad.

The attack on Lozje

According to Jamina, none of the witnesses brought forth by the prosecution confirmed Sekaric’s participation in the attack on the village of Lozje in Gorazde, on May 22, 1992. During this attack, four civilians were killed and six more were wounded.

“None of the witnesses who participated in those events, saw the indictee. The other testimonies are just hearsay,” said Jamina.

Rape and Attack on Kosovo Polje

Sekaric is also charged with the rape of a woman in the village of Kosovo Polje in Visegrad on June 3, 1992. Jamina stated that prosecution witnesses presented conflicting testimony with regards to these charges.

“In her first statement, “S-1” said that the person who raped her introduced himself as Gorazdak…in her second statement she described him as a young person with gray, white, hair, who introduced himself as Dragan,” Jamina said. He added that in later statements the witness described her rapist as a man with dark hair.

Jamina also classified testimony given by witnesses Bakira Hasecic and Amela Medjuseljac as “unacceptable.” He said it was “unrealistic” that Hasecic and Medjuseljac, who watched soldiers killing civilians and burning houses in Kosovo Polje from a yard, were not seen by the soldiers.

The indictment also alleges that Sekaric, along with Milan Lukic and Vlado Vojinovic, forced a local resident of Dusce in Visegrad to give them all of their money and valuables on May 20, 1992. They are also accused of returning to Dusce the same evening, and murdering a woman.

Jamina compared the testimony offered by two witnesses on the incidents that took place in Dusce: that of Dzenita Muhic, the daughter of the woman who was murdered, and a protected witness identified as “S-2.”

According to Jamina, Muhic’s testimony was more credible, as she had been schoolmates with one of the defendants, Vojinovic. Muhic had stated during the trial that she only saw Lukic on that day, and that she would have recognized Vojinovic had she seen him as well.

Jamina then went on to accuse “S-2” of having had their testimony prepared in advance by the prosecution, since “S-2” stated that they saw Sekaric as well as Vojinovic and Lukic.

With regard to accusations that Sekaric had mistreated prisoners in Uzamnica in 1992 and 1993, Jamina said that the prosecution had unlawfully included this additional accusation in a revised indictment.

“The indictee neither participated in the attack on Lozje nor the events in Kosovo Polje and Dusce, because he was in Serbia at that time,” Jamina said.

The chamber is expected to come to a verdict by February 13.

Marija Taušan

This post is also available in: Bosnian