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Verdict against Alukic and Hirkic on July 17

14. July 2014.00:00
Following the presentation of closing statements at the trial of Semir Alukic and Fikret Hirkic, who are charged with crimes in Prijedor, the District Court in Banja Luka is due to pronounce its verdict on July 17.

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Defence attorney Adil Draganovic said, in his closing statement, that the Prosecution had not proven that Alukic and Hirkic participated in the murder of Ostoja Baltic on August 29, 1992.

Also, according to Draganovic, it has not been proved that the indictees and other soldiers came to Podgradje hamlet, near Prijedor on that same day and shot at Serb houses, killed Bozo Indjic and set his house on fire.

The Defence attorney said that the Banja Luka Prosecution based the indictment on a statement given by witness Zaim Causevic, who, as he said, could not be trusted.  

“The Trial Chamber should reject his testimony, because one can see that his aim is to avoid his own responsibility for these murders,” Draganovic said.

Also, he mentioned an official note made by two inspectors following an examination of Hamdija Beslagic, who has since died.

“During their testimony they said that he gave his statement voluntarily and that they had a cup of coffee with him. That is not true, because everyone knew how Bosniaks were examined in detention camps. That has been confirmed by numerous witnesses,” the Defence attorney said.

At the last hearing Prosecutor Branko Mitrovic requested the Court to pronounce the two indictees guilty.

Goran Obradović

This post is also available in: Bosnian