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Verdict against Tadic Due July 5

1. July 2013.00:00
Following the presentation of closing statements by the Prosecution and Defence, the District Court in Banja Luka schedules the pronouncement of a verdict against Milorad Tadic, known as Brk, who is charged with crimes against civilians, for July 5.

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Prosecutor Branko Mitrovic said that it had been completely proved that Tadic killed Sejad Sivac in Omarska detention camp in mid July 1992. 

“During the evidence presentation process the Defence presented two witnesses, who testified in order to protect the indictee. Witness Jadranka Gavranovic said that she was held alone in the bathroom in ‘Bijela Kuca’ and that she witnessed Sivac’s murder. She said that in order to protect the indictee. All the other witnesses said that more than 30 detainees were held in the bathroom the whole time,” Mitrovic said.

He said that Esad Mujkanovic, an eyewitness to the murder, described the event.

“He was on the runway in Omarska detention camp. He saw a Mercedes arriving and Tadic getting out of it. Tadic then ordered a guard to bring Sivac out of the white house. When the guard brought him, he took him behind the house. A few seconds later a pistol shot was heard. He has never seen Sivac again,” Mitrovic explained.

Tadic’s Defence attorney Ranko Dakic said, presenting his closing statement, that he was sure that his client did not commit the crime and that the Prosecution had not proved its allegations.

“The events in Omarska are among the most investigated events that happened during the recent war. Hundreds of newspaper articles and books have been written about them. A number of witnesses have been examined. None of them mentions Tadic. The Prosecution based its indictment on a statement given by witness Mujkanovic only,” Dakic said.

He told the Court that, during his testimony Mujkanovic said that he had seen Tadic in the detention camp only once.

“Tadic was Zeljko Mejakic’s driver. Mejakic was Chief of police security in Omarska detention camp, so he visited the place every day,” Dakic said.

The Prosecution’s and Defence’s stands concerning the date of when the murder was carried out, remained opposed during the presentation of their closing statements.

Mehmed Sivac, the father of the killed Sejad, said that in case Tadic was guilty, an adequate sentence should be pronounced against him in order to send a message to younger generations.

Goran Obradović

This post is also available in: Bosnian