Local Justice – Curtic: No Link to Stupni Do

22. February 2013.00:00
At the retrial of Ermin Curtic, a Defence witness recalls an attack on Stupni Do village, saying that he is not sure whether the indictee led the “Maturice” Unit of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO to that military position.

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Miroslav Anic, who was sentenced by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after having admitted guilt, to 15 years in prison for crimes committed in the Kiseljak and Vares area, said that he did not remember the date when the attack on Stupni Do began, pointing out that he had drug abuse problems and that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“If this gentleman led us to the position, then that is the man, but I am not saying that he did that,” Anic said, pointing towards indictee Curtic.

According to the charges, Curtic was a guide, who led a part of “Maturice” Unit, which was commanded by Miroslav Anic, to Stupni Do village on October 23, 1993. Curtic is charged with having hit and robbed Muamera Mahmutovic and Besim Paralangaj following the attack on the village.

Dominik Ilijasevic, known as Como, testified as Defence witness at this hearing. The Cantonal Court in Zenica sentenced Ilijasevic to 15 years in prison for crimes against the local population in Vares and Kiseljak municipalities, including the murders in Stupni Do village.

Ilijasevic said that indictee Curtic did not commit the crimes charged upon him.

“I stick to my statement of December 21, 2010 in its entirety. I am ready to be connected to polygraph and say again that this guy has nothing to do with Stupni Do or any of the things charged upon him,” Ilijasevic said, pointing to the indictee.

Ilijasevic told the Court that Vjekoslav Grabovac was his guide.

Third Defence witness Miroslav Vrebac just said that he stuck to his previous statement given on June 24, 2010.

The trial is due to continue on March 18.

This post is also available in: Bosnian (Bosnian)