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Local justice – Guso and Suljagic: Prisoner without visible injuries

2. September 2011.00:00
A Brcko District Prosecution witness in Nusret Guso and Mirsad Suljagic’s trial stated that he did not see “signs of any injuries” on Branko Radenkovic during his imprisonment in Maoca, in Brcko municipality.

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Mehmedalija Muranovic, a former member of Croatian Defense Council, HVO, stated that in August 1994 he did not participate in the capture of Branko Radenkovic and that he find out 20 days later about his imprisonment.

Taking into consideration that witness Muranovic knew Radenkovic privately before the war, he visited him in one house in Maoca (Brcko municipality) in order to give him cigarettes and to talk with him.

“Then, when I saw him first time, it was already month past after his capture. We were sitting on the benches in front of that weekend house where he was held, we spoke briefly and I did not see any injuries on him then”, stated Muranovic.

Former members of 108th motorised brigade of Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nusret Guso and Mirsad Suljagic are accused for various war crimes against prisoners of war.

Guso and Suljagic are indicted for submitting to interrogation a captured prisoner of war Branko Radenovica, a former member of third battalion of Posavska brigade in the Army of Republika Srpska (VRS) on 3 August 1994 in order to obtain information on the military position of VRS members and the murders of Muslims in Brcko.

During the testimony, Muranovic added that on the second time he visited the captured Radenkovic a few days later, he did not notice any injuries on him and that Radenkovic had civilian clothes and shoes.

“I tried to visit him once more while he was in detention in Maoca but it was not allowed as was the case when he was transferred to Tuzla prison. I was not allowed to see him”, stated the witness.

The continuation of the trial has been set for 22 September this year. M.A.

This post is also available in: Bosnian