Person: Misic Ljubomir

5. December 2014.

Prosecution witness Kemal Bobic says, testifying at the trial of four indictees, who are charged with war crimes in a detention camp – concentration centre in Batkovic, Bijeljina municipality, before the District Court in Bijeljina that he heard about several cases of abuse and murder of detainees, but he did not personally witness any of those incidents.

17. October 2014.

The trial of four people charged with crimes committed in the Batkovic camp in the territory of the municipality of Bijeljina has been postponed due to the district prosecutor’s failure to appear.

11. September 2014.

The trial for crimes committed in “Sabirni Centar” detention camp, Bijeljina municipality, has been postponed, because none of the four invited witnesses responded to summons to appear before the District Court in Bijeljina.

3. June 2014.

Testifying before the District Court in Bijeljina, Prosecution witnesses Fahrudin Hodzic and Admir Sarajlic recall the everyday beating of detainees in “Sabirni centar” [“Concentration Centre”] detention camp in Batkovic.