Case: Vlahovic Veselin


13. September 2012.
The defence of Veselin ‘Batko’ Vlahovic, charged with war crimes in the Sarajevo neighbourhoods of Grbavica, Vraca and Kovacici, will start presenting evidence on September 26. At a status conference before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vlahovic’s defence emphasised it would, according to the current plan, call 18 witnesses and two experts, as well as enter some documentation into evidence.


22. August 2012.
The prosecution completed its evidence hearing at the trial of Veselin “Batko” Vlahovic for crimes committed in Sarajevo, with reading out of the testimony of the protected witness S2. The protected witness S2 could not testify in person due to her ill health so the prosecution read her statement submitted to the Federal Police Administration in January last year.


6. July 2012.
As it continues presenting material evidence against Veselin 'Batko' Vlahovic who is charged with crimes in Sarajevo, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina presents documents about the identification of killed civilians, whose bodies were found in the Miljevici grave on Mount Trebevic.

20. April 2012.
Testifying at the trial for crimes in the Sarajevo area, a State Prosecution witness says that indictee Veselin Vlahovic, known as Batko, beat him up and then took him to Mount Trebevic with an intention to “slaughter” him. As he said, witness Nijaz Alihodzic was saved by the fact that he had money and diamonds.