Erna Mačkić


3. May 2018.
Former Bosnian Serb serviceman Dalibor Maksimovic is accused of the killing of four Bosniak civilians in Zvornik in 1992. The Bosnian state court on Thursday confirmed the indictment of Dalibor Maksimovic, a former member of the Milici Terrritorial Defence force, who is charged with killing four Bosniaks in April 1992.


10. April 2018.
Judges handing down this week’s second-instance verdict in the trial of Vojislav Seselj have to decide whether the Serbian Radical Party leader’s nationalist speeches inspired Serb paramilitaries to commit crimes. The prosecution in the case against Vojislav Seselj has asked the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals in its verdict on Wednesday to quash the first-instance […]


10. April 2018.
A Sarajevo court found former Bosnian Serb Army serviceman Djordje Simic not guilty of crimes against humanity, clearing him of killing a Bosniak man in the village of Sevarlije in 1992. The state court in Sarajevo found Djordje Simic not guilty on Tuesday, ruling that the prosecution had not proved beyond reasonable doubt that he killed the Bosniak man after seizing him from a field in Sevarlije, near the town of Doboj, on June 12, 1992.