Bosnian Croat Fighters Charged with Killing Serbs

18. April 2018.15:55
Croatian Defence Council ex-fighters Zdenko Grbavac and Zeljko Simunovic were charged with committing crimes against humanity by killing three Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Konjic area during wartime.

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The Bosnian state court on Wednesday confirmed an indictment charging Grbavac and Simunovic with having persecuted and aided in the persecution of the Serb population in the Konjic municipality between mid-May 1992 and early May 1993.

The prosecution alleges that Grbavac and Simunovic, who were armed with automatic rifles, singled out three captured Serb civilians from a convoy in the village of Bradina.

“They took the captured civilians toward the Orthodox church in Bradina. Grbavac personally killed the three Serb men by shooting them with firearms in the yard of a house,” the prosecution said in a statement on April 5.

Simunovic is also charged with having participated in the torture and beating of another Serb prisoner.

Erna Mačkić

This post is also available in: Bosnian