Bosnian Deported from US Faces Crimes Against Humanity Trial

10. March 2020.12:56

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Former Bosnian Serb fighter Milan Trisic, who was deported from the US for lying about his role in the war, will go on trial this month for committing crimes against humanity in the Bratunac area in 1992.

Former Territorial Defence fighter Milan Trisic will go on trial on March 23 for crimes including murders, expulsions, unlawful arrests and pillage, the Bosnian state court decided on Tuesday.

Trisic is charged with having participated in the persecution of the Bosniak civilian population from the village of Hranca and the town of Bratunac during a widespread and systematic attack by the Bosnian Serb Army and police between April and October 1992.

The indictment alleges that, as a member of the Territorial Defence force, he participated in several attacks on the village of Hranca during which people were unlawfully arrested and more than 250 local residents were forcibly relocated.

He is also accused of participating in the pillaging of houses which were then set on fire.

Trisic is further charged with having participated in the murders of several Bosniak civilians detained at several locations in the Bratunac area in May 1992.

Trisic was deported to Bosnia and Herzegovina in October 2019 from the US, where he was prosecuted for having given false data about his involvement in the war while applying for a ‘green card’.

Emina Dizdarević

This post is also available in: Bosnian