City: Bratunac


20. April 2020.
<div class="btArticleExcerpt">The Bosnian state court refused to confirm an indictment charging former Bosnian Serb Army soldier Tadija Mitrovic with crimes against humanity for killing a civilian in the Bratunac area in May 1992.</div> <div class="btArticleBody portfolioBody btTextLeft"> <div class="bt_bb_wrapper"> <div class="boldRow"> <div class="rowItem col-sm-12 btTextLeft"> <div class="btArticleContentWrap"> <div class="btArticleContent"> <div class="btArticleBody portfolioBody btTextLeft"> <div class="bt_bb_wrapper"> The Bosnian state court told BIRN that it has rejected the indictment charging Tadija Mitrovic with crimes against humanity during the war in 1992 because there are not sufficient grounds to suspect that he committed the crime.


10. March 2020.
Former Bosnian Serb fighter Milan Trisic, who was deported from the US for lying about his role in the war, will go on trial this month for committing crimes against humanity in the Bratunac area in 1992. Former Territorial Defence fighter Milan Trisic will go on trial on March 23 for crimes including murders, expulsions, […]