Defendants Led Victim to Crna Dolina Mine, Witness Says

1. February 2016.00:00
A prosecution witness testifying at the trial of two former members of the Bosnian Serb Army charged with war crimes in the Prijedor area said he remembered seeing soldiers escorting civilian Sefer Besirovic towards the Crna Dolina mine.

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Sabahudin Kajdic and Sreto Rokvic, former members of the Bosnian Serb Army, have been charged with abducting Sefer Besirovic from a school building on August 17, 1992. The indictment alleges they took Besirovic towards the Crna Dolina mine and killed him in an undetermined manner. His body still hasn’t been found.

Alija Krupic, a witness for the prosecution, told the district court of Banja Luka that he used to live in Gornja Puharska near Prijedor. He said soldiers spotted Besirovic, his mother’s cousin, while he was leading his cow across a meadow.

“I recognized Kajdic and Rokvic among the soldiers. Then they took him to the school building,” Krupic said. He said he was also taken to the school to be interrogated.

Krupic said he also saw the defendants leading Besirovic away in the direction of Crna Dolina later on.

“When they saw me, Sreto made a hand gesture, ordering me to go home. I didn’t see Sefer later on,” Krupic said.

Also testifying at today’s hearing, Ibrahim Krupic said he arrived home in Gornja Puharska after having been released from a detention camp.

“As soon as they released me, Sreto came and told me I had to come with him to the school. He said he would bring me back home later. While I was in the school, a soldier questioned me about Besirevic,” Krupic said.

The trial will continue on March 22.

Goran Obradović

This post is also available in: Bosnian