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Another Expert Examination of Ceco’s Mental Health Ordered

23. December 2015.00:00
The cantonal court of Sarajevo ordered another expert examination of Ibrahim Ceco’s mental health, after a court-ordered neuropsychiatrist found that Ceco was capable of standing trial.

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Ceco, a former member of the Bosnian Army, has been charged with the physical abuse of Serb civilians in the Dobrinja neighbourhood of Sarajevo.

In his findings from July 2015, neuropsychiatrist Abdulah Kucukalic determined that Ceco suffered from post traumatic stress and depression, for which he was receiving medical treatment.

“Considering the patient’s condition, we have come to the conclusion that he is capable of participating in the trial and answering simple questions. You should bear in mind that examinations should not last longer than 45 minutes,” Kucukalic said.

Responding to questions by the defense and trial chamber, Kucukalic said the defendant’s depression didn’t preclude him from participating in the trial, although the proceedings would certainly affect his mental state.

The chamber asked Kucukalic why the defendant cried in the courtroom and whether such outbursts were to be expected.

“Him crying is totally common. Recollections of the war and past events can lead to that. Crying will happen and is not excluded as a possibility, but all these shifts do not lead to being unable to stand trial,” Kucukalic explained.

Trial chamber chair Jasmina Begic said Ceco’s mental health would be subjected to another expert examination due to the passage of time.

The next hearing will be scheduled at a later stage.

Ceco was previously sentenced to two years in prison for war crimes by the cantonal court of Sarajevo. After the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina repealed the verdict, the case was returned to the cantonal court of Sarajevo for a retrial.

Emina Dizdarević Tahmiščija

This post is also available in: Bosnian