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Ceco Capable of Attending Trial, Court Experts Say

19. October 2015.00:00
Court experts have once more confirmed that Ibrahim Ceco, charged with war crimes in the Sarajevo area, is capable of following trial proceedings.

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“Court experts have established that Ceco is capable of following the trial, provided that he is allowed to have breaks to prevent fatigue,” said trial chamber chair Jasmina Begic.

Prosecutor Nedzad Corovic said the findings were deficient and didn’t contain a psychologist’s signature.

“I don’t believe this is the right time to proceed with the trial. The team of experts wasn’t provided with new medical documentation for the defendant. I propose that the court expert be invited to the next hearing or that a new examination be ordered,” Corovic said.

Ceco’s defense attorney, Sadik Hota, said he “found it very difficult to establish communication” with his client. He requested that the chamber invite the court expert to explain his findings.

“He can’t even follow me for five minutes. I have a feeling he isn’t listening at all. I have serious objections to these findings,” Hota said.

The chamber decided to invite court expert Abdulah Kucukalic to the next hearing in order to explain his findings.

The indictment alleges that Ceco, a former member of the Bosnian Army, physically abused Serb civilians in the Dobrinja neighbourhood of Sarajevo.

Ceco was previously sentenced to two years in prison for his alleged crimes, but the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina repealed the verdict and returned the case to the cantonal court of Sarajevo for a retrial.

The trial will continue on December 2.

Emina Dizdarević Tahmiščija

This post is also available in: Bosnian