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Prosecution Requests Guilty Verdict for Macic

27. March 2015.00:00
Presenting her closing statement at the Ibro Macic trial, prosecutor Sanja Jukic said Macic was guilty of war crimes in the Konjic area and should be sentenced accordingly.

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Jukic said old women in the village of Blace near Konjic were killed because they didn’t belong to the same ethnicity as members of the Territorial Defense of Konjic, of which Macic was a member.

Jukic said a group of sixteen soldiers undoubtedly came to Blace, under the command of Mirsad Fisic, also known as Kolumbo. She said the court would determine whether Macic participated in the murder of the old women. She said witness testimony confirmed Macic’s involvement in their murder.

“Salko Macic saw Ibro Macic leave the group of soldiers and go towards the houses in the other part of the village, where the old women were. Seho Macic saw Ibro and Halil Macic leave, while Hamdija Macic heard individual gunshots, which matched those fired from an M48 rifle, which the defendant carried,” Jukic said.

She said Salko Macic, who saw the defendant open fire at the old women, was the prosecution’s key witness.

Ibro Macic was originally on trial for the murder of old women in the village of Blace along with Osman Brkan, who was acquitted of the charges against him under a second instance verdict.

Macic has also been charged with participating in the torture and sexual abuse of Serb and Croat prisoners in the Musala school building in 1993.

“The only conclusion is that Ibro Macic is responsible for the death of the old women, which took place on June 13, 1992, and that he continued committing crimes at the Musala detention camp, where he worked as a guard,” Jukic said.

She said that the chamber should take into account testimony given by prosecution witnesses Petar Petrovic, who described Macic as a monster, who beat him and other detainees, as well as testimony by Bruno Boras and protected witnesses S, S-1, A-1 and A-2, who testified about sexual abuse at the hands of Macic.

“The defense has not questioned the credibility of these witnesses, who testified without any sign of desiring to take revenge. We claim that Macic’s actions were deliberate, despite findings by an expert witness for the defense, who said that he is a man of reduced faculties,” Jukic said.

Macic’s defense will present its closing statement on Friday, April 3.

Džana Brkanić

This post is also available in: Bosnian