Person: Brkan Osman

26. December 2014.
After months spent in custody and years spent on trial, some indictees were however pronounced not guilty of war crimes. They are trying to live a “normal” life again, but say that the trial took a part of their life and that it cannot be forgotten.

9. May 2014.
Testifying at the trial for crimes in the Konjic area, the first Defence witness says that indictee Ibro Macic is not the person who punished him by ordering additional hours of keeping guard in “Musala”.

6. February 2014.
Presenting its appeal against a verdict of release against Osman Brkan, the Prosecution says that the Trial Chamber was wrong when it decided not to believe a witness, who accused him of participation in the murder of four old women in Blace, near Konjic, on June 13, 1992. The Defence requests the Court to confirm the first instance verdict.