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Burns and Contusions

30. January 2015.00:00
Testifying at the trial of Ramo Zilic and Esad Gakic for crimes in Konjic, a court medicine expert says that one of the injured parties had burns and contusions.

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Doctor Davorin Kozomara confirmed, in his findings and opinion, that one of the injured parties received severe bodily injuries in the form of burns in the groins area, as well as bruises and contusions in the chest area.

“I reviewed the medical documentation made in 1993. I have made my findings on the basis of that. After having been released from the detention camp, the injured party was admitted to a health centre, where he complained about having been beaten in the detention camp, also saying that they burnt his scrotum and penis. He was swollen and had contusions. An acute psychosis, as well as contusions, was diagnosed,” Kozomara said, adding that the injured party was later diagnosed with post-traumatic disorder.

Zilic and Gakic are charged with inhumane treatment of Croat and Serb civilians, who were detained in the “Musala” school building in Konjic.

Testifying at this hearing, Ivo Erenda said that he lived in Dusina village, Konjic municipality, in 1993 and that he had military engagement at that time.

“I was captured in July 1993. I had a rifle, but I did not shoot from it. I was captured by Izet Fejzic. Jure Sudar, Simo Gavran, Radovan Stanic were with me … They first took us to the Health Centre in Dusina. Seven days later they took us to Musala. They lined us up, confiscated our belongings, stripped us naked. Mr. Zilic, Maca, Zilic’s brother, were there. Then they cut our hair, slapped us and kicked us,” the witness said.

When asked by Trial Chamber Chairman Slavko Pavlovic what Ramo Zilic did to him personally, the witness said: “He slapped me a couple of time and then kicked me.”

The witness said that Ramo Zilic and some other people forced them to do 50 push ups and that, if they could not do that, they hit them. Erenda said that they took some of them to isolation cells, where they tortured them and set their genitals on fire. He did not see who did that, but he heard screams.

When asked by Dusan Tomic, Defence attorney of indictee Zilic, whether any of the persons, who wee taken to the isolation cell and tortured, told him who had set their genitals on fire and whether he saw that, the witness responded negatively.

The trial is due to continue on February 13.

Sanela Gaković

This post is also available in: Bosnian