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Hearing Postponed because of Defence Attorney

29. December 2014.00:00
The beginning of the trial of Nedeljko Djukic from Kotor-Varos, who is charged with war crimes, has been postponed before the District Court in Banja Luka due to the absence of the Defence attorney.

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The indictment, which was originally filed by the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, was transferred to the District Court in Banja Luka for further processing in mid September.

According to the charges, Djukic, former guard in the prison in Kotor-Varos, participated, from September 1992 onwards, in the murder, causing of severe injuries and inhumane treatment of non-Serb civilians, as well as pillaging of their property.

He is charged with having participated in the beating of prisoners by hitting them with legs, pistols, fists, batons and various objects in a prison located behind the Basic Court building in Kotor-Varos, from June to the end of 1992.

Djukic is also charged with having caused severe bodily injuries, which resulted in the death of one person.

The indictment alleges that Djukic, who acted in collaboration with other unidentified individuals, took prisoners out of the prison, while threatening them with fire arms, on several occasions and forced them to pillage movables from abandoned houses owned by the non-Serb population in Kotor-Varos municipality.

Goran Obradović

This post is also available in: Bosnian