Killed While Digging Trenches

26. November 2013.00:00
As the trial for crimes in Batkovic detention camp in Bijeljina continues, a Prosecution witness says that his brother was killed after having been taken from the detention camp to the front lines in the vicinity of Teocak in order to dig trenches.

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Muharem Memic said that his brother was captured in the vicinity of Divic, Zvornik municipality, and transferred to Batkovic detention camp, near Bijeljina.

According to Memic’s testimony, during his stay in the detention camp his brother Dzemal was taken to division lines in the Teocak surroundings in order to dig trenches.

“While he was digging a trench, a grenade, which was fired from positions held by the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, exploded in the immediate vicinity of Dzemal, killing him immediately,” witness Memic said.  

The witness said that he received all those pieces of information about his brother’s death from his brother’s wife, because he was in Hungary at the time.

When asked if he knew on which date and which year his brother was killed, witness Memic said that he could neither remember the date nor the year when it happened.

The Bijeljina District Prosecution charges Djoko Pajic, Petar Dimitrovic, Djordje Krstic and Ljubomir Misic with having beaten and mistreated detainees – including civilians, the wounded and prisoners of war – in Batkovic detention camp during 1992 and 1993.

The continuation of the trial is scheduled for January 28 next year.

Boris Sekulić

This post is also available in: Bosnian (Bosnian)