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Executions in Orahovac and Kozluk

13. June 2013.00:00
In his written statement, which was included as evidence, witness RM-269 says that he was present in front of the school building in Orahovac, together with military policemen and other members of the Zvornik Brigade of VRS, on July 14, 1995.

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He specified he saw Lieutenant Drago Nikolic, Chief of Security with that Brigade, next to the school building. In 2010 the Tribunal pronounced a first instance verdict against Nikolic, sentencing him to 35 years in prison for having assisted in and supported the commission of genocide in Srebrenica.

RM-269 said that Bosniak men were detained in the school gym and that, several hours later they were tied and transported by trucks, while military policemen escorted them.

The witness heard gunshots a few minutes after each of the trucks had left. This continued until no more Muslim men were left in the gym. Military policemen told RM-269 that the captives were killed.

According to the charges against Mladic and verdicts pronounced by the Tribunal, Serb forces killed about 1,000 Srebrenica Muslims in the vicinity of the school building in Orahovac on July 14, 1995.  

Mladic, the then Commander of VRS, is charged with genocide against about 7,000 Muslims from Srebrenica and other crimes committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
RM-269 said that he was sent to a school building in Rocevic village on July 15, 1995, adding that Muslim men were detained in the school. He saw dead bodies in the vicinity of the building.

The prisoners, who were held in the school building, were transported by trucks. Witness RM-269 heard later on that they were executed in Kozluk. According to the charges and previous verdicts, VRS killed about 500 Muslims in Kozluk after they had been brought from the school building in Rocevic.

RM-269 is due to continue testifying at Mladic’s trial on June 14.  

Prior to the beginning of his testimony Prosecution witness Zoran Malinic described General Mladic’s address to captured Muslims at a playground in Nova Kasaba village, near Srebrenica on July 13, 1995.

The then VRS Major Malinic, in his capacity of Commander of the Military Police Battalion with the Main Headquarters of VRS, guarded about 1,200 captives, when General Mladic appeared in the afternoon hours.

“General Mladic went into the crowd, he was not standing in front of them… I heard a part of what he said… In general, he spoke about the war, Alija Izetbegovic and the fact that people were killed on the basis of inconsiderate decisions. He said that the captives should not be afraid, because they would return to their homes and be exchanged… Following the end of his speech, the captives applauded General Mladic,” said Malinic, whose face was blurred during his testimony.

Radoša Milutinović

This post is also available in: Bosnian