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Local Justice – Tadic: Hitting a Detainee

11. January 2013.00:00
At the trial of Milorad Tadic before the District Court in Banja Luka, Prosecution witness Nihad Mujkanovic says that he saw the indictee beating a detainee in Omarska detention camp, near Prijedor.

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Mujkanovic told the Court that he spent about three-and-a-half months in Omarska in 1992, adding that, for a certain period of time he was held in so-called “white house”, where he was mistreated.

“Some detainees would leave and new ones would come all the time. At every moment there were approximately about 500 detainees in the detention camp. I used to see Sejad Sivac for a certain period of time. He was a well-known veterinarian. He often brought mil and other products to the detention camp,” Mujkanovic said.

He said that he used to see indictee Tadic in the detention camp and that he thought that he was a good man.

“I was on the path in front of the ‘white house’, when I saw them taking a detainee out of the examination room. As they were bringing him in, Tadic hit him on his head and knocked him down. Later on I heard that Sivac went missing. I assumed that he was killed,” Mujkanovic said.

Tadic, former member of reserve police forces from Prijedor, is charged with having killed detainee Sejad Sivac from Prijedor in Omarska detention camp in mid-July 1992. He allegedly killed the man in collaboration with another policeman.

The remains of Sejad Sivac were found during an exhumation in the Kevljani area, Prijedor municipality.

The trial is due to continue on February 5.

This post is also available in: Bosnian