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Zeljko Babic, Duljci Crimes Suspect, Arrested

29. September 2011.00:00
Acting on a warrant issued by the Una-Sana Cantonal Prosecution, the State Investigation and Protection Agency, SIPA arrested Zeljko Babic on suspicion that he committed war crimes against the civilian population in Duljci,Bihac municipality.

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The Una-Sana Cantonal prosecution suspects Babic, who was accompanied by a few other members of the Republika Srpska, RS Army and police, of participating in the murder of Bosniak civilians from Orasac and Ripac, who were picking plums as part of their civil duties on September 23, 1992.

“Following the commission of the crime, the corpses of killed civilians were removed with the aim of hiding the crime. Some incomplete remains were found and exhumed in 2000. Seven persons have been identified through a DNA analysis. The remaining bodies have still not been found. A thirteen-year
old girl was the youngest of the victims,” said Cantonal Prosecutor Jasmin Mesic.

Once Babic has been examined by a competent prosecutor, a custody order motion will be filed.

Jovica Tadic, Zoran Tadic, Milorad and Zoran Berga were arrested on September 15 this year on suspicion that they committed crimes in Duljci. The suspects are held in the Detention Unit of the Penal and Correctional Facility in Bihac.


This post is also available in: Bosnian