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Local Justice – Jarak: Indictee Fails to Appear in Courtroom

16. June 2011.00:00
The beginning of the trial of Vlatko Jarak, who is indicted for war crimes committed in Stolac, before the Cantonal Court in Mostar has been postponed as the indictee fails to appear in the courtroom.

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Branko Karadaglic, Defence attorney for Jarak, provided the Trial Chamber with medical reports, indicating that he “must stay at the Physical Therapy Department of the University Clinical Hospital in Mostar for the rehabilitation of his leg for at least another twenty days”.
After the Trial Chamber of the Mostar Cantonal Court reviewed the medical documentation, it determined that the reasons for his absence were justified. The Chamber said that the indictee would be apprehended unless he appeared in court on June 16.
The Cantonal Prosecution in Mostar charges Vlatko Jarak, former member of the “Knez Domagoj” Brigade with the Croatian Defence Council, HVO with having committed war crimes against civilians from the beginning of June to mid-August 1993.
According to the charges, Jarak, who was accompanied by a group of HVO soldiers, participated in the intimidation and forcible relocation of Bosniak civilians by detaining them in the Kostana hospital in Stolac. The indictment alleges that Jarak sent some of the detainees to “Gabela” detention camp in Capljina, where they stayed for up to five months.


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This post is also available in: Bosnian