Local Justice – Smajic: Verdict to be Pronounced on November 22

19. November 2010.00:00
The presentation of evidence at the trial of Izet Smajic before the Cantonal Court in Tuzla has been completed with the examination of witnesses and the presentation of closing arguments by the Prosecution and Defence.

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Dijana Kovacevic, Prosecutor with the Tuzla Cantonal Prosecution, said at the end of the presentation of evidence that the part of the indictment that pertained to the way in which the victim was injured had been changed. 

The Prosecutor said that the revised indictment charged Smajic with having “shot” Radovan Krstic, a wounded Yugoslav National Army, JNA, soldier, “in his chin” and he “did not put push a revolver into his mouth”, as alleged in the previous version of the indictment.  
According to the indictment, on May 15, 1992, Smajic shot Krstic, who was wounded, as a JNA convoy was leaving the Husinska buna military barracks in Tuzla.
Smajic’s Defence said that no pieces of evidence presented at the trial “confirmed the allegations”, adding that the trial was initiated on the basis of Dragisa Maksimovic’s statement.
Also at this hearing, witnesses Anto Brkic and Sahim Bulic were examined. They said that Dragisa Maksimovic was not present at work in the Kreka Workers Transport Company on May 15, 16 and 17, 1992.
During his earlier testimony before the Cantonal Court in Tuzla, Maksimovic said that indictee Smajic, his former work colleague, “bragged” to other colleagues by saying he had shot at a wounded soldier. 
Third witness Blagoje Ljubojevic, a former JNA soldier, spoke about the convoy of May 1992, which he also rode in, and his detention in Tuzla.
In its closing arguments the Prosecution did not specify the sentence that should be pronounced against Smajic, while the Defence called for a verdict of release.

The pronouncement of the verdict is due to take place on November 22. 


Džana Brkanić

This post is also available in: Bosnian (Bosnian)