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Episode 152: War Crimes Victims in Foca Struggle Unaided to Overcome War’s Legacy

3. August 2023.14:06
In the new edition of TV Justice we’ll be talking about crimes committed in Foca during the war, which are commemorated in August. In the spring and summer of 1992, members of the non-Serb population were held in detention facilities, raped, killed and deported. More than 600 people who went missing during that period are still being looked for, and surviving victims and people who returned to Foca after the war are struggling to overcome its legacy without the support of the authorities.

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In April 1992, the shelling of Foca marked the onset of the political and military takeover of the municipality. A number of civilians were injured and many started to flee. Men and women were separated from each other and transferred to various detention facilities, such as schools and the Foca prison, where they were subjected to rape and other humiliating types of torture. Thirty-one years after the crimes, the victims and their families are struggling to mark the sites of detention, torture and suffering and would like future generations to lead harmonious lives, just like they once did in Foca.

Lamija Grebo

This post is also available in: Bosnian