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Episode 148: Bringing Wartime Facts to Bosnia’s Schools

7. April 2023.13:39
In this April edition, we’ll be talking about what and how much children learn in schools about the conflicts of the 1990s. We’ll be focusing on a story about a two-year effort to improve teaching of the facts related to the Bosnian war.

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The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina is still a taboo subject for the domestic education system. Students can only find sparse information in textbooks about the events that marked the lives of their parents. Or even worse, events are presented in a one-sided way, further deepening divisions among young people.

Teachers and professors are lacking material that they could use that comes from sources that no one can dispute.

To change that, over the past two years, BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina has spoken to witnesses to crimes across the country and, based on thousands of pages of Hague Tribunal verdicts, we have created a database of judicially determined facts. We have taught more than 50 teachers how to use the data and offered them materials for classes. This is the story of these efforts to create a new youth-friendly learning tool about the past war.

    Haris Rovčanin

    This post is also available in: Bosnian