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Episode 146: How Bosnia failed to shelter Uygurs from Chinese persecution

9. February 2023.11:48
This month we’ll be showing how Bosnia and Herzegovina failed to meet the expectations of Uyghurs who thought the country would offer them sanctuary and we’ll be travelling to Istanbul, looking for members of the Chinese Muslim minority group who returned there from the Bosnian border because of the domestic authorities’ slow response to their pleas.

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A new piece research by BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina reveals that several people of Uyghur origin were not given permission to enter the country. Due to their fear that they might be deported and end up in notorious camps for Muslims in China, some Uyghurs published videos calling for urgent help. A mother and her daughter, a minor, and a man who had spent two years in Chinese detention camps could not get sanctuary in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Those who return from the border usually travel via Istanbul. For that reason, in order to find out what happened to them after they left Bosnia, we visited the Turkish city in which one of the biggest Uyghur communities in Europe lives.

Irvin Pekmez

This post is also available in: Bosnian