Ban on Publishing Testimony of Protected Witness in Glogovac Trial

25. February 2016.00:00
A trial involving crimes committed in the Zavidovici area continued with testimony from a protected witness. The court prohibited publishing the testimony of the protected witness.

The chamber granted those protection measures to the witness as per a proposal by the defense.

A protected witness known as O-1 testified at the trial of Dragan Glogovac. Glogovac has been charged with causing severe physical and mental pain to civilians and prisoners of war detained in the basement of the Franjo Herljevic hunting lodge in the village of Kamenica in the municipality of Zavidovici from June until the end of August 1992. He allegedly acted in collaboration with other members of the Bosnian Serb Army.

According to the indictment, Glogovac was a member of the military police of the “Doboj” Operational Group with the Ninth Battalion of the First Krajiski Corps of the Bosnian Serb Army.

According to the state court’s schedule of hearings, the trial will continue on March 10.

Džana Brkanić