Prosecution and Defense Call for Retrial of Josip Maric

18. February 2016.00:00
The prosecution and the defense have called upon the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to repeal the verdict in the Josip Maric case. Maric, a former member of the police and the assistant commander of the Security and Information Service in Kiseljak, was sentenced to one year in prison for crimes against civilians. He was acquitted of charges of crimes against prisoners of war in the Kiseljak area in June and July 1993.

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The prosecution has called upon the court to hand down a longer prison sentence against Maric, citing his participation in the unlawful resettlement, physical abuse and confiscation of property of Bosniak civilians in the Kiseljak area.

The prosecution said a retrial should be held to address the portion of the verdict acquitting Maric of charges of beating and mistreating a captured member of the Bosnian Army.

Maric’s defense called for a retrial concerning the portion of the verdict which found him guilty. The defense asked the court to uphold the portion of the verdict acquitting him of charges.

Prosecutor Fikreta Vranjkovina and defense attorney Zdenko Tomic didn’t specifically explain the written appeals they filed with the court.

Addressing the chamber, Maric said he didn’t feel guilty at all.

“The indictment was completely fabricated. I would like to be given a chance to present to somebody what led to all of this. I did all kinds of jobs, from a patrolman to a chief, but I could never even imagine being accused,” Maric said.

In July 2015, the cantonal court of Novi Travnik found him guilty, in four counts, of deporting Bosniak civilians.

The court determined that Maric expelled civilians from their houses, beat them, and confiscated seven kilograms of coffee, an antenna and agricultural products from them.

The court will render a decision concerning the appeals at a later stage.

Marija Taušan

This post is also available in: Bosnian