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Bosnia Arrests Serb Policeman for Bosniaks’ Murders

28. December 2015.00:00
Slobodan Karagic, the former head of a police unit in Doboj, is accused of involvement in the killings of at least 12 Bosniaks among other crimes allegedly committed during attacks in 1992.

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The State Investigation and Protection Agency on Monday arrested Karagic, alias Karaga, the former leader of a Red Berets unit which was a part of the public safety centre in Doboj, on suspicion of participating in the attack on and occupation of the town at the beginning of May 1992.

The members of his unit arrested Bosniak and Croat civilians, and on his orders, detained them in hangars at the Bosanka factory in Usora in the Doboj municipality, the state prosecution said in a statement.

His unit also killed at least 12 Bosniaks, the prosecution statement alleged.

“He is suspected of the murder of at least 12 Bosniak victims who were taken out of the Spreca prison in Doboj in an unknown direction and shot in May 1992. The suspect was present the shooting in his capacity as commander of the Red Berets unit,” it said.

Karagic, allegedly accompanied by others, is also suspected of having raped two Bosniaks minors in the summer of 1992.

He is under further investigation over the destruction of a mosque in the village of Miljkovac in the Doboj municipality, which was blown up by an explosive device in May 1992.

A prosecutor will examine the suspect and then decide on further action in the case.

Emina Dizdarević Tahmiščija

This post is also available in: Bosnian