Person: Karagic Slobodan


6. March 2017.
A prosecution witness claimed that military policeman Mehmed Alesevic, who is on trial for war crimes, was present while other soldiers beat him up at a motel in Buzim in 1995. Testifying at the trial of Mehmed Alesevic at the state court on Monday, prosecution witness Safet Dzaferovic said that the defendant was there when he was beaten, although he did not participate in the assault.


19. December 2016.
A witness alleged that former special forces policeman Slobodan Karagic, who is accused of murder and unlawful detentions in Doboj, threatened to throw him into a river in 1992. Prosecution witness Ibro Spahic told the state court in Sarajevo on Monday that he was threatened by Slobodan Karagic, a Serb former Red Berets special police unit commander who is charged with participating in attacks against the Croat and Bosniak population in the Doboj area from spring to autumn 1992.


24. October 2016.
A prosecution witness told the war crimes trial of former Serb special policeman Slobodan Karagic that the defendant raped her in Doboj when she was 15. The protected prosecution witness codenamed K-1 told the court in Sarajevo on Monday that the defendant Slobodan Karagic, a former commander of the Red Berets special police unit, raped her in Doboj in 1992.