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Brocilo Trial Begins At Doboj District Court

24. November 2015.00:00
The Marko Brocilo trial began at the district court of Doboj. Brocilo has been charged with war crimes against the civilian population of Josava in 1992, a village located in the municipality of Odzak at the time.

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Brocilo has been charged with killing Kata Matic in Josava, now located in the municipality of Vukosavlje, between August and September 1992.

“The armed conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina influenced the defendant, that’s why he committed this crime,” prosecutor Mersiha Mahmutovic said in her introductory statement.

Defense attorney Jadranko Hadzisejdic said he would demonstrate Brocilo’s innocence.

“We’ll try to prove that the defendant was a civilian and that he wasn’t a member of any military or paramilitary formation,” Hadzisejdic said.

Mladen Juric and Nedeljko Cubel were examined as prosecution witnesses at today’s hearing. Juric and Cubel collected evidence in the case as investigators with the Police Administration in Odzak.

They said they visited the crime scene, the site of Kata Matic’s house, with Miroslav Antic. They said the house itself was no longer standing.

“Miroslav Antic told us he stayed in Odzak after the Bosniak and Croat population had withdrawn. He said he was with the defendant and his sister. He said they were driving a tractor and stopped next to that house, because they were trying to find food,” Juric said.

He said Antic told them the defendant had entered the house.

“After he left the house, Miroslav said he found the body of an old woman inside. He also said the defendant was armed with military weapons and that he heard several gunshots,” Juric said.

Retired police officer Mitar Kovacevic said Miroslav Antic visited him at his house after 2010, asking for help.

“He came to me carrying a blue envelope from Orasje, saying he was suspected of murder. He asked me to help him. He told me Brocilo had killed the old woman with his rifle. Inspector Juric took a statement from me,” Kovacevic said.

The trial will continue on November 25.

Arnes Grbešić

This post is also available in: Bosnian