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Witnesses Say Nikola Maric Committed No Crimes in Prozor

30. October 2015.00:00
A defense witness testifying at the Nikola Maric trial said the defendant never harmed anyone in Prozor.

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Maric, a former member of the Croatian Defense Council, has been charged with 25 counts of murder, torture and other inhumane acts against the Bosniak population in Prozor from November 1992 to October 1993.

Testifying at today’s hearing, defense witness Marko Jukic said he was detained in March 1993 in the Prozor firehouse with his 17 year old son and several Bosniak detainees.

“I didn’t know their names. I was depressed for myself and my child. They were held there for their own protection. Everyone was down in the prison, although there were no injuries. There was one Croat there, because he didn’t want to go to the frontlines. We all ate together and no one needed medical aid,” Jukic said.

Jukic said he never heard screams in the prison. He said he was taken to Mostar 20 days later. Jukic said he knew Maric, but never saw him at the firehouse in Prozor.

Defense witness Milenko Dolic said he was wounded in Prozor in October 1992, and was taken to Croatia for medical treatment until March 1993. Upon returning to Prozor, Dolic said he saw Nikola Maric wearing a uniform with military police markings.

Dolic said he never heard that Maric abused anyone.

According to Dolic, Bosniaks were taken to collective centers for their own safety. He said he never heard about the murder of Bosniaks or about houses belonging to Bosniaks being burned in the municipality.

The trial continues on December 4.

Džana Brkanić

This post is also available in: Bosnian