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Witnesses Describe Murder of Injured Parties in Brestovac Trial

11. September 2015.00:00
Witnesses testifying at the trial of Vojislav Brestovac described the murder of the injured parties in the case in Doboj in 1992.

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Brestovac, a police officer with the Doboj public safety station, has been charged with participating in the murder of civilians Muharem, Muhamed and Ismeta Aldobasic in the village of Miljkovac in Doboj in June 1992.

Ibrahim Cabric told the district court of Doboj that he heard shooting on the night Muharem, Muhamed and Ismeta Aldobasic were killed.

“Looking through my window, I saw that Muharem’s house was set on fire. The respective gentleman was at the checkpoint with two other men in the morning. He pointed his rifle at me. He asked me if I had heard the shooting. He said they had shot at a patrol and had been killed,” Cabric said.

Cabric said he and a few other village residents buried the victims.

“All of them were shot in the head. All three of them,” Cabric said.

Responding to questions from the defense, Cabric said he only heard three individual gunshots that night.

Witness Ibrahim Aldobasic said Petra Aldobasic slept over at his place after her the victims, her husband, brother-in-law and sister-in-law, had been killed.

“She cried. She screamed. She asked me to hide her. Later on Petra, now deceased, told me she knew who had killed them,” Aldobasic said.

Witness Munib Hodzic said he was in the home of Ismeta Aldobasic’s parents on the night of the murder. He said he and Aldobasic were married.

“Muharem had been taken away and beaten up the night before. Ismeta went to help his brother Muhamed dress his wounds. Looking through my bathroom window, I saw three armed soldiers pass by. I never found out who killed them,” Hodzic said.

The trial will continue on September 15.

Arnes Grbešić

This post is also available in: Bosnian