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Nihad Bojadzic Defense Continues Closing Statement

11. May 2015.00:00
Edina Residovic, the defense attorney of Nihad Bojadzic continued presenting her closing statement as the trial against Bojadzic and four other former Bosniak fighters comes to a close.

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According to Residovic, the state prosecution didn’t present any evidence which demonstrates her client’s guilt.

“Therefore the defense has only one proposal for you, and that is to release Bojadzic,” Residovic said.

Residovic challenged the state prosecution’s allegations that Bojadzic, the former deputy commander of Zulfikar Squad of the Bosnian Army, ordered his subordinates to attack Trusina, in the municipality of Konjic, on April 16, 1993. According to Residovic, Bojadzic wasn’t even in the Trusina area at the time.

The Bosnian Army attack on Trusina resulted in the deaths of 22 civilians and captured members of the Croatian Defense Council.

Bojadzic has been charged with ordering his subordinates to attack Trusina, and allegedly issued an order not to leave behind any survivors. Bojadzic allegedly commanded the attack from a nearby hill.

Residovic said that the evidence showed that fighter Samir Semsovic, also known as Samko, led a group of soldiers towards Trusina. She said Semsovic was respected among his fellow soldiers, and died as a result of wounds he received in Trusina.

Residovic said members of the Zulfikar Squad moved towards Trusina from the nearby village of Parsovici. She said it was unclear who lined up the soldiers of the Zulfikar Squad in Parsovici and ordered them to attack the village.

Residovic said witness testimony on command responsibility in the Trusina attack was completely contradictory.

Residovic said a group of witnesses had said that the events leading up to the Trusina attack were “mixed up” in their heads, because they’d participated in many operations. Another other group of witnesses, according to Residovic, said there was no lining up of soldiers in Parsovici at all.

Residovic said some of the witnesses said the soldiers were lined up by Bojadzic, who told them that Trusina would be attacked.

“The statements are contradictory to the extent that they cannot be trusted,” she said, adding that some witnesses said others had issued the order to attack Trusina.

Although the evidence, Residovic said, showed that the Zulfikar Squad was a part of the First Corps of the Bosnian Army when the Trusina attack occurred, the prosecution stuck to its allegation that the unit was a part of the Supreme Command Headquarters of the Bosnian Army.

Bojadzic is on trial along with Mensur Memic, Dzevad Salcin, Nedzad Hodzic, former members of the Zulfikar Squad, as well as Senad Hakalovic, a former member of the Neretvica Brigade.

Residovic will continue presenting her closing statement on May 25.

Amer Jahić

This post is also available in: Bosnian