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Trial Dealing with Incident of Wartime Rape in Semizovac Begins

4. February 2015.00:00
The State Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina presented one of its first witnesses at a trial dealing with an incident of wartime rape that occurred around Semizovac in the municipality of Vogosca.

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The indictment charges Slavko Savic, a former member of the Light Infantry Brigade of the Army of Republika Srpska Army, with having raped a woman (identified as Witness A) in Semizovac in May and June 1993.

According to the indictment, Savic came to a house where Witness A and her daughter were located. Savic pointed a pistol at Witness A and forced her to get into a car, where he raped her.

The indictment alleges that Witness A could not offer resistance due to fear for her life and her child’s life.

The trial, which is in its initial phase, began with testimony from prosecution witness Ana Stojadinovic, a former neighbor of Witness A.

Stojadinovic stated that Witness A had told her that she had been raped and had gotten pregnant.

“Witness A confided in me, telling me that some man named Savic raped her and that he had gotten her pregnant. Later on she told me that she had an abortion,” Stojadinovic said.

Stojadinovic said that Witness A was her neighbour at the time. According to Stojadinovic, Witness A trusted her and the war had brought them closer together.

Prosecutor Vladimir Simovic asked whether the crime left any consequences on Witness A and whether she had reported it to anyone.

Stojadinovic replied that Witness A demonstrated changes in her mental well-being, that she was “nervous,” “unstable,” and “feeling terrible.” She added that “Witness A” could not report the rape to anyone at that time.

Responding to a question by the defense as to when Witness A told her about the rape, Stojadinovic said that she couldn’t remember.

Judge and trial chamber chairwoman Mira Smajlovic asked Stojadinovic whether Witness A told her the first and last name of her rapist.

“Slavko or Slavisa Savic, as far as I can remember,” Stojadinovic replied.

During his introductory statement, prosecutor Simovic asserted that he would prove all the crimes with which the defendant has been charged.

The trial is scheduled to continue on February 16.

Emina Dizdarević Tahmiščija

This post is also available in: Bosnian