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Velimir Popovic Verdict Confirmed

7. November 2014.00:00
The Supreme Court of Republika Srpske has confirmed a verdict of the District Court in Bijeljina under which Velimir Popovic was sentenced to five years in prison for crimes in Ugljevik.

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Secretary of the RS Supreme Court Jelena Despotovic said that the verdict was brought after an appeal against the first instance verdict was turned down.

Popovic was sentenced for physical and psychological abuse of prisoners in 1992 in Ugljevik camps.

The verdict found him guilty of coming into rooms in which non-Serb prisoners were held, beating them with hands, feet and a rubber baton, and forcing them to have sexual intercourse with each other and to urinate on one another.

He was originally charged with Ostoja Minic and Oliver Rodic, but they were freed of all charges.

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This post is also available in: Bosnian