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Additional Prosecution Evidence following a Crime Scene Visit

19. September 2014.00:00
As the trial of Vehid Subotic for crimes in Dusina village, Zenica, continues, a video recording made during a visit to the crime scene is played in the courtroom. Following the presentation, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, proposes two additional witnesses.

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Members of the Trial Chamber, the Prosecutor, indictee, Defence attorney and witnesses Asim and Eset Barucija, as well as Milica Kegelj, who had previously testified as State Prosecution witnesses, participated in the visit of the crime scene at Dusina village. At that location they explained where they were and what happened in January 1993.

“Witness Milica Kegelj remembered later on that Almedin and Almir Cago were present in front of Stipo Kegelj’s house in which she met indictee Subotic. I propose that we examine one of the two men, because that person read the names of the people, who were then taken in front of the house,” Prosecutor Slavica Terzic said.
Trial Chamber Chairman Zoran Bozic told the Prosecution to examine both witnesses, so Almedin and Almir Cago would be examined at the next hearing.
As depicted in the video recording, Milica Kegelj remembered having been detained in Stipo Kegelj’s house with her mother and other civilians and that she spoke to “a person with a glass eye”.

“Twenty-three years have passed. I cannot say whether it was the person, who is here with us, or not,” witness Milica Kegelj said during the visit of the crime scene.  

The indictment charges Subotic, former member of the Second Battalion with the Seventh Muslim Brigade of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ABiH, with having intruded Dusina village, along with other members of his Battalion, ordered the capture of about 40 civilians and several disarmed members of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO, singled out eight Croat civilians, escorted them to a house and ordered members of the Company to kill them.

Witness Esad Barucija pointed to his house in Dusina village, saying that, from the terrace he watched soldiers taking the civilians towards Lasva.  

Asim Barucija said that, considering the fact that he was the Director of the school in Lasva, they called him in order to unlock the school premises, where the civilians and HVO members were then brought and detained.

“There were about a hundred people. The men were taken away later on,” Barucija said.

The trial is due to continue on October 7. 

Mirna Buljugić

This post is also available in: Bosnian