Four Bosnian Serbs Convicted of Smoluca Prisoner Abuse

5. March 2014.00:00
Four former Bosnian Serb Army soldiers were sentenced to a total of 18-and-a-half years in prison for abusing prisoners of war in the village of Smoluca near Tuzla in 1992.

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The cantonal court in Tuzla on Wednesday sentenced Svetomir Ilic to six years in prison, Milorad Cvijanovic and a fighter with the same name, Milorad Cvijanovic, to five years in jail each, and Vaso Ilic to two-and-a-half years for assaults on Bosniak detainees during wartime.

“They are found guilty of the violation of the international laws and customs of war, as well as the violation of some provisions of the Geneva Convention,” said presiding judge Fetija Pasic.

All four men were convicted of repeatedly inflicting severe injuries to four members of the Territorial Defence forces from Srebrenik and Tinja in the Tuzla municipality in June and July 1992, and of violating their human dignity.

The verdict can be appealed at the supreme court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Admir Muslimović

This post is also available in: Bosnian (Bosnian)