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Decision on Extradition of Aleksandar Cvetkovic

30. November 2012.00:00
The Supreme Court of Israel has decided that there are no obstacles to extraditing Aleksandar Cvetkovic, who is suspected of participating in genocide in Srebrenica, to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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The Public Relations Section of the Israeli Supreme Court confirmed that the Court had rejected Cvetkovic’s appeal against a first instance verdict, which said that his extradition was possible, adding that this decision was final.

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina suspects Cvetkovic, former member of the Tenth Reconnaissance Squad with the Main Headquarters of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, with having participated in the execution of men and boys on Branjevo military farm in Pilica, Zvornik municipality in July 1995.

“The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina requested his extradition from Israel through a legal procedure. It is now up to Israeli authorities to undertake the next steps related to the actual extradition. The Prosecution is ready for his processing,” said Boris Grubesic, Spokesperson of the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In August 2011 the first instance Court in Jerusalem approved Cvetkovic’s extradition to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Cvetkovic’s defence attorneys appealed the verdict.

So far the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has pronounced first instance verdicts, sentencing Franc Kos and Zoran Goronja to 40 years in prison each, Stanko Kojic to 43 years and Vlastimir Golijan to 19 years in prison for crimes committed on Branjevo military farm in July 1995.

After he had admitted guilt, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina also sentenced Marko Boskic to ten years in prison for that same crime. The Hague Tribunal sentenced Drazen Erdemovic to five years’ imprisonment. Erdemovic too admitted guilt for crimes committed on Branjevo.

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This post is also available in: Bosnian