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Kornjaca: Prosecution Completes Presentation of Evidence

23. October 2012.00:00
By presenting its material evidence, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has completed the presentation of evidence at the trial of Milun Kornjaca, who is charged with crimes in Cajnice.

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The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina introduced 147 pieces of evidence, which were not individually presented in the courtroom.

Kornjaca, former Commander of the “Plavi orlovi” (“Blue Eagles”) paramilitary unit, is on trial for the persecution of Bosniaks from the Cajnice area, including the murder of 11 civilians at Mostina on May 19, 1992.

Milana Borovcanin-Bulic, Defence attorney of indictee Kornjaca, requested the Prosecution to present the Court with a few pieces of material evidence, either in originals copies or copies verified by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, ICTY.

Prosecutor Dzevad Muratbegovic said that the original copies of those pieces of evidence had been filed at the trial against Milorad Zivkovic and Dusko Tadic, who too are charged with crimes in Cajnice.

“We have not copied the pieces of evidence, like parts of clothes or bullet capsules. These pieces of evidence were submitted at the trial against Zivkovic and Tadic as well,” Muratbegovic said.

Zivkovic and Tadic are on separate trial for these same crimes committed in Cajnice. According to the charges, Zivkovic was Chief of the Public Safety Station in Cajnice and member of the Crisis Committee of that municipality, while Tadic was a member of the “Plavi orlovi” paramilitary unit.

A status conference at which the Defence will present its evidence presentation plan is due to be held on November 21.

This post is also available in: Bosnian